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Why we talk about it and how to get you started

Whether you notice it or not, Artificial Intelligence is now part of our life and it will continue to penetrate more aspects than we could imagine. Like Netflix that recommends your entertainment, Alexa who controls your home, and Tesla that drives you to wherever you want. Even in the public…

Power-up Your Workflow with Cloud instance!

In the daily routine of a data scientist, processing and computing are a going concern when dealing with growing datasets and more complex model architecture. However, I am not counting the fact that you get the budget to update the latest hardware with better memory, CPUs, and GPUs. It seems…

Hands-on Tutorials

Demystify Kubernetes with Hands-on Exercise!


As a data scientist in practice, I feel the trend of pushing the traditional routine of data processing, model training, and inference into an integrated pipeline with (CI/CD)Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, whose concepts are borrowed from DevOps. There are two primary reasons, at least from my perspective. One is that modeling…

Making Sense of Big Data

Bring your own code to utilize the power of cloud computing in a few steps!

Training a model is tedious, especially when training scripts consume up all of your computer power and you can do nothing but wait. It happens to me all the time - either when I am starting the model building process or I am finalizing the model with parameter tuning. Luckily…

Zora Li

Data Enthusiast | Data Scientist |

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